Uncle Walt's "Finess Walleye Jig"
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These "Finess Walleye Jigs" from Uncle Walt's are a popular bait for the Columbia River monster walleye.    The chizzeled  "walking" ("Erie")lead head jigs with quality Mustad hooks and the supper soft attached tube bait (3 inch) in multipal colors will let you get down right where the walleye live.  I have had great sucess working them along current breaks on points  in the Columbia and in shelfs in big water lakes such as Banks.  These duel colored tube baits with the added metal fleck gives it just enough "brightness" to excite the bite of the most finiky of fish.  Swim the  bait along a "rocky" bank and look out!  Large and small mouth bass, Walleye, Perch and more will grab your attention. 

  • Manufacturer: Uncle Walt's
  • Condition: New

Uncle Walt's "Finess Walleye Jig"

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