"Sonic" Rooster Tail By Yakima Bait Company(Only one color and size shown)
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What a deal!  This very limited selection of "Sonic" Rooster Tails by Yakima Bait Company is being offerd for a short time at an unbleavable price.  This special is only while supplies last and they won't last long.  "Sonic" Rooster Tails are similar to the traditional Rooster Tail, Except that they have a "colorado" blade and a two piece "cone" and "Barrel" style body.  Teh colorado blde turns slightly slower in the water and the metal body gives off "Sonic" vibrations that  do the job of attracting fish! 

  • Manufacturer: Yakima Bait Company
  • Condition: New

Yakima Bait "Sonic" Rooster Tail

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